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You don’t practice medicine on an island. Your EHR should help you easily stay connected. Are you trapped in a “single source” PM/EHR but the EHR slows you down or doesn’t actually help you with patient care? We can help.

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Pain Care Select EHR

There’s no need to disrupt your billing and practice flow when you upgrade your EHR to Pain Care Select EHR. We support over 30 different PM/Billing interfaces and hundreds of lab interfaces and we’re constantly building new interfaces. Pain Care Select EHR includes:

  • Free Bi-Directional Practice Management/Billing Interface
  • Integrated Patient Portal
  • Provider Patient Data Exchange – Connect with other providers through the national DIRECT program.

Word on the Street

One of the things that appealed to me and (I’ve been around EHR software for a long time) is that I like the way it flows and how the setup is, I think it’s more user friendly than most EHRs. It doesn’t look like there’s as many steps than other EHRs.


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